Colours Of Harmony - Indo - Sri Lanka Art Camp for Children.

This aims to bring out the common heritage and culture of the nations and stand together as young citizens and budding artists of this bubbly region. The “Colours of Harmony” would be an evidence of the fact that art flourishes in an atmosphere of harmony and friendship. This is one of the initiatives of Empowerment for promoting cultural connectivity within both the countries. Eight budding artists from India were sponsored to join eight other young artists from Sri Lanka to take part in this week long Art Camp.

60's Christmas Party.

We concluded 2012 with Christmas party to go back in time, till the 60's. the party included 60's costumes, music, dancing and many more.

Kids And Clay Pottery Studio

We teach our students how to make ceramic pieces from raw clay using thier hands, molds and clay tools.our goal was to guide children through the process of clay hand-building, while giving them the freedom to add their own personalities to their work and to motivate our students to create unique pieces of art, and be proud of their accomplishments.

Kids Parties at little fingers

Kids Parties at little fingers is another fun event all kids are looking up to. for the past five years have been celebrating birthdays Halloween Christmas and most of other festivals together with the kids and their families. most of the events are organized by the kids with their own ideas. they make sure all the parties are full of games, food and enjoyment.

Weekend workshops for kids

weekend workshops is an unique idea that was developed by little fingers, we have been having workshops for the later 5 years, each time we make sure its a new idea that examine kids creativity by letting them work as a team, by giving them leadership qualities at an early age is a very effective way to improve their character. anyone can join the workshops at little fingers and its mainly an team event. and we are looking forward to see you at the next one.

“Sweet angels” Christmass Carols

Sweet Angels was a street carol service held in September 2011. The little artistes knocked on doors till the St.Maris Church Negombo. costumes and accessories designed by Dilshani Ranaraja together with the participated kids. the event games and cards was organized by the studio committee members. special thanks goes out to Elisha Amirthanathan solo vocalist, for helping out the kids.

“Explore the colors of nature” Family day out with the kids.

Explore The Colors Of Nature was a kids art camp at Jetwing Lagoon Hotel Negombo. around 50 kids participated for the event with their parents.the day out included a swim and small sank proved by the hotel.also the little fingers celebrate its 5th anniversary by cutting a cake. the event also include,

Nature drawing
Portrait drawing
Fun activity with parents.
Kids swim
Sending the little fingers group lanterns

Little fingers 1st art Exhibition. Negombo, Sri Lanka

Little fingers first art exhibition was held in 2008. displaying around 100 painting by the kids at little fingers. the exhibition in 2008 was the founding milestone as we saw how the kids are interested in working together and putting their work on display. the lighting of the oil lamp was done by Mr.Jayasiri, instructor and ex assistant director of education western province. he was also Dilshani's art educator. little fingers planning to have more exhibitions in the future.

Art Classes Everyday in the Evening and Weekends

we are conducting classes everyday, for small groups of students. and also in the weekends. art classes are mainly focused on drawing for ages starting from 3 to adults.for adults oil painting, caves painting, also to be thought after reaching the level. students who are enrolled with art classes will be participating for future projects and events.

1st International Art Exhibition “Innocence. Childhood Treasure”. Dalian, China

Little fingers art studio together with cafe2009 in Dalian China, Organized the first art show and workshop event. around 400 paintings by the kids from Sri Lanka was exhibit at the art show. the event also included. Drama stage- " The Little Prince" Costume play Creative clay studio, make my own puppet- Felt Elephant, Group sculpture- Little self Portrait. it was held in Cafe2thousand9 on the September 24th 2011 Dalian China.


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