1.0 Art Class Registration/Term General Policies

1.1 Lessons are sold in term blocks and packages unless otherwise instructed by the Little Fingers head office. Pay-as-you go is NOT accepted.  Once a term block is purchased. Classes are subject to availability of Little Fingers. If this is offered for a specific term, the Little Fingers Inc. head office will alter customers before registering for a term.

1.2All students must be on a current contract with Little Fingers Inc. in order to take classes. “Current” means that they have a signed contract and have paid the tuition fees for the current term. Each term must have a new, signed contract. Also, each type of class has its own contract. As an example, Private VIP classes and Group classes are two separate contracts. Furthermore, each student has his/her own contract. Members of the same family must not be on the same contract. Siblings also have two separate contracts and each student has his/her individual number. This number will be used on the student’s profile and a picture will be taken for the profile. All student profiles and information will be kept in the Little Fingers Inc. head office. In addition to the contract, all students must also sign our Little Fingers Inc calendar for their classes which confirms the specific dates they will attend that term. If they move up a level or change their schedule, they must sign a new calendar. Both Little Fingers Inc. and the customer keep one copy of the contract and calendar.

1.3All group class terms expire on specific dates. These dates are specified on the contract signed before the first class. Make-up classes should be taken before the end of the term unless the missed classes occur during the last week of the term or the Little Fingers head office cannot arrange a make-up class for the student within the term because of a lack of space in classes. In this case, the make-up may be taken in the term immediately following the current term. These make-ups expire at the end of that next term with no exceptions (see make up class policy).

1.4Once a class is booked and the dates are confirmed, that class time may not be moved or otherwise altered without prior approval from the Little Finger Inc head office.

1.5All terms have specific policies. Those policies will be agreed to when signing the contract for that term.

1.6There will not be exceptions made for students, and/or parents, when signing up for a new term. Any type of adjustment to schedule, payment, teaching, and/or participation, will only be valid when a memo is added to the personnel file. This can only be done in coherence with the appropriate associate of Little Fingers Inc. Therefore, if a personnel file does NOT hold a memo, NO adjustment is made, and any type of special treatment is not validated.

1.7 Individual Teachers are hired to for teaching only. They are not authorized to discuss contracts, money, term dates, or the like at any time. If customers have questions, they must contact the Little Fingers Inc head office, info@littlefingersartstudio.com.

1.8 At the time of contract signing, students may announce declared absences. These include specific dates where the student knows they will not be able to attend. If these dates are not announced at the time the contract is signed, any subsequent absences will be subject to our make-up policy.

1.9 At a situation of emergency, illness we will contact the parent to collect the student as soon as possible by telephone call if by any chance Little Fingers could not contact the parents we will admit the student to the closet hospital.



2.0Accepted methods of payment: Cash, Bank Transfers, and Credit Cards.

2.1 Little Fingers Inc does not offer free trial lessons. We do offer a free, 1 hour assessment for new students only. A teacher will accompany the student in the class and determine the student’s level over the 60 -minute period. These trial lessons must be previously arranged with the Little Fingers Inc. head office so an available Teacher can be assigned to the student.

2.2 It is imperative that customers sign the Little Fingers Inc. contract and agree to all policies listed on our website when registering for a new term or partaking in a trial lesson.

2.3 Re-registration occurs during the last two weeks of any given term. In order to guarantee your place in our program, registration and payment must be received during this two-week period. Failure to pay during this two-week period means that you will not be guaranteed a spot next term.

2.4 All registrations are processed by our Little Fingers head office, ONLY. All students must have a signed contract. Signing the contract represents that the student agrees to all of our Institute rules and regulations.

2.5 We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. Disruptive students and/or parents will be first spoken to and then later asked to leave the program if the disruptive behaviour persists.




3.1 For a no-penalty cancelation, the customer must cancel 14 days before the start of the term. Credits will be rewarded, at the discretion of Little Fingers Inc. management staff only in the event of a genuine family emergency. Credits are non-transferable outside of the immediate family.

3.2 Little Fingers Inc. reserves the right to cancel or move a class in the event that an unexpected situation will affect class quality, safety or sudden notice is given by the government. If we maintain the same schedule and stay within 8 km of the venue, a refund will not be given.

3.3 Classes that are missed, do not meet refund policy, or fall in excess of the allocated make-up lessons given to the customer at the time of registration will not be refunded at any time. Refund requests must be made during the term but will not be considered until after the term is done.

3.5 Unless stated otherwise in writing by Little Fingers Inc. head office staff, any and all credit will expire in the term immediately following the term where credit was issued. For example, if student A signs up for the Spring Term which ends on April 30, 2014, and is issued credit within that term by the Little Fingers Inc. Head office, Student A MUST use that credit(s) in the Summer term immediately following that Spring Term (starting from May 1st until the expiration date of that term.




4.1 When students purchase classes, they should make every effort to attend classes on time and on the dates determined upon registration.

4.2 If a student needs to miss a class, they must inform the head office by calling +94 3122 22209 in Negombo or+9411 2077279 in Colombo. If no notice is given, no make-up will be awarded and the student will lose the class.

4.3 As long as the office is informed 24- hours in advance, students can make-up AS MANY CLASSES as they want. When the student wants to make-up a class, simply call the above numbers to arrange a make-up class. Our office will ONLY place the student in classes that are NOT full. If a class is full, the student must pick another date to make-up.

4.4 All classes and make-up classes MUST be finished before the expiration date of a term. NO EXCEPTIONS. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT OR PARENT TO MAKE-UP A MISSED CLASS BEFORE THE CONTRACT EXPIRATION. In the case of a serious illness, we will accept a doctor’s note.

4.5 You may only miss a class with less than 24 hours’ notice in the case of a medical emergency. This class will be taken from your allocated makeups as long as some notice has been received prior to the class starting. Failure to give notice before the class regardless of reason will result in the forfeiture of the respective class.

4.6 Unless otherwise notified by Little Fingers Inc. make-up classes must be conducted at the same Location as the original registered class.

4.7 For some terms, make-up policies may alter slightly depending on Classroom andTeacher availability. These will be explained and agreed to by the customer when registering for a term.

4.8 If you miss your make-up class you will be unable to make that class up.



5.0Little Fingers Art Lesson Policies

5.1 When you arrive at the Location for class, parents must sign students in with the front desk or with the deck manager. They must sign the attendance list for that day. If you are not on the list, we will not guarantee your class that day. If you come to a class that you have not signed up for, we will not allow the student to take the class.

5.2Before entering the class, the student must be properly registered and payment must have already been received by Little Fingers Inc.

5.3Some terms may have special policies. Upon registration, all students must sign the contract and a calendar. The calendar sheet will mention if there are specific policies for that term.

5.4Once a term of art class has been booked, it cannot be paused or moved to a different day/time without getting approval from the little Fingers Inc.

5.5Classes must be taken by the student for which they were purchased. They may not be transferred to another student.

5.6Unless invited in by a Little FingersTeacher, parents must sit and wait for students in the designated, parent-seating areas.

5.7Parents and students must respect the rules of our cooperating classes and company policies. Failure to do so may result in the termination of the respective contract with no refund given.

5.8Classes will run for the scheduled duration only. If a class starts at 6pm and ends at 7pm, the class shall begin at 6pm and end at 7pm. Teachers are not required to stay after the scheduled time.

5.9Parents should provide the art materials list for their children.

5.10Parents should avoid communicating with children while they are in class with the Teacher. This not only distracts the child but also may influence the other children and Teacher. While we understand that parents want to help, they should do so ONLY at the appropriate times. They are welcome to give their comments to our Little Fingers Inc. staff any time before or after class.

5.11Teachers are expected to dedicate exactly the advertised time to each class and nothing more or less. They are only responsible to teachart. Nothing else is required of the Teachers, this includes but is not limited to, escorting children to the bathroom or helping them get changed. These are strictly the responsibilities of the child’s guardian.

5.12In the event that all students in a group class do not attend class at the scheduled hour, our teachers are required to wait 20 minutes only. At the end of which the teacher may elect to leave the pool. In this situation, the customers who have not notified the Little Fingers head office on time shall be billed.

5.13Payment is to be made to the Little Fingers Inc. and not to the teachers directly, unless otherwise arranged. The teachers are paid by the Little Fingers Inc. only.

5.14Prices obtained through special offers are only valid at the time of that offer and may not be available in future sessions.

5.15If a student arrives at the studio and is not on our class list for the day, we do not guarantee they may have a seat on the day. We have standardized ratios for each level and class. If we do not have extra space in a class, we will not allow an unregistered child to enter the class no matter the reason. These situations must be handled via the Little Fingers Inc. head office.

5.16Parents of students must not interfere with teacher’s instruction. We do invite parents to watch classes but they should stay in the designated areas. They should not give instruction to students while in class and should respect the teacher’s authority over the students.

5.17If parents have a question about the child’s level or progress, they may speak with the teacher after class with the help of our Little Fingers staff. We assess students at the end of each month and determine if they can advance.



7.0Cancellation of Classes by Little Fingers Inc.

7.1Cancellation of classes can only be made by the Little Fingers Inc. Office. Unless you, as the customer, have been specifically informed by the Little Fingers Head Office that class will not take place at the scheduled time and location (i.e. you received a text message stating that class is cancelled due to weather), then class will be held as scheduled.

7.2We do not cancel for rain or cold weather. Customers should not assume that we are closed and should check if they have a question or concern. Unless contacted by the Little Fingers Inchead office, class will proceed as scheduled.

7.3If the Sri Lanakan Government closes schools for weather or other severe conditions, Little Fingers Inc. may also close. These will be decided on a case-by-case basis. In this situation, customers on the day should text our head office assistant. The most updated contact information is always listed on our website, www.littlefingersartstudio.com


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