Mrs. Isabelle Chan
Owner of Café 2Thousand9 / Fashion Designer / Mother of Two Children

I have worked with Little Fingers Art Studio in 2010 when we organized a children’s art exhibition in Dalian China, with over 500 children's drawings from Sri Lanka and China, exhibited in our galleria at Café 2Thousand9. It was a great experience working with Little Fingers Art Studio. Little Fingers has a very unique concept behind her, she brings children together from all races and nationalities, and makes an enjoyment of peaceful environment for children's future development.
“Innocence • Childhood Treasure”

A children's art project carried out by us in 2011. It was held in Café 2Thousand9 on the September 24th 2011, Dalian, China. There were around 500 children’s drawings displayed gracefully on our walls. In the exhibition, we also designed fun interactive programs for all ages:  Drama stage - Le Petit Prince , Costume play , Creative clay studio, make my own puppet, Felt Elephant, Group sculpture and Little Self Portrait. Visitors were amazed at the creativity of these little artists. 

This event is still close to my heart because we worked with a group of adorable children, who made their artworks by hard effort. I would highly recommend the great work of Little Fingers Art Studio in Colombo. And I am looking forward to develop more art programs with Little Fingers Art Studio in future to support the children not only in Sri Lanka but around the world. Here's wishing them continued success in their upcoming events. 



Mariya Teteryuk
DJ/Artiest / Vocalist

I got to know about little fingers art studio when I was in china, art has always inspired me from the days of my childhood, it help me to become the artiest that I’m today. I can’t imagine my life without creativity and art, I want to see things differently than others and to express myself in any form possible music / art / dance they are all forms of expressions to me. My very own existence in the world as a Artiest brings the best out of me, as a child I was freely given the opportunity to have my own creative world. So as for my opinion, every child should have the opportunity to enjoy life in those mediums of art and should be natured to them at an early age,
I hope little fingers would help to create a world with artiest and use it as weapon to fight war and social paradox. Most immortally I became an artist because of my early childhood skill development, and I want to recommend this to every parent.  As Pablo Picasso said “every child is an artiest the problem is to stay an artist when we grow up“
Peace to the world!!



Empowerment India

Kumar Vikas Saxena

Sonika Agarwal
General Secretary

We at Empowerment would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the team at Little Fingers, without whose support “Colours of Harmony” the Art and Culture Exchange program between Indian and Sri Lankan students conceptualized by Empowerment could not have been a success. It was a pleasure to be associated with such a dynamic team that understands and promotes art for peace and harmony.

The warm hospitality extended to Indian students and the efforts made at every step to make the student artists feel welcomed especially deserves a mention. The program, Colours of Harmony was received very well by media and people and achieved a stupendous success with Little Fingers joint efforts. We take this opportunity to thank the team.

We hope to continue our association with Little Fingers and look forward to the execution of many such vibrant exchange programs together in future. We wish them All the Best in their future endeavors.



Vindiya Dias Bandaranaike
A hushed artiest, pursuing a career as a doctor shares her story of being an artist from early age

Q: As a child what was your involvement with art? Do you personally feel that early childhood skill development help you later in life?

A : As a child as far as I can remember, me together with my sister use to do drawings as any child would do. But most importantly I was more influenced by my mother and grandmother. As a kid i tried to do things not only with paint, but with thread, buttons, seeds, and leaves basically by things I found while i walk in our estate. I would call my childhood animated because each day was a colorful dream that I would paint on paper, living out of Colombo gave me more chance to explore the nature and see things with colors. So I would say the surroundings were so peaceful that I would be as “Alice in wonderland” my parents always admired my art they framed each painting, it was all hanging on the walls. I was the princesses in the castle. Art was never over.

Q: How would you express yourself by art?

A: Art is never planned for me, it’s just a way of life, as someone would go to gym, office ect, my perfect life routine would have a painting that I would always search. Normally I would prefer doing paring in my room alone. Most painting I do I never planned it’s always a blank canvas that I would start adding colors.

Q: Do you feel art is going? What is the role of the artist in society? What is the place of your work in society?

A: I personally think that artiest don’t live in society, they are silent people trying to make things more beautiful and creative. As politicians or engineers they are not quoted, but if we take in to account the inner peace, I think artiest would live a life that is more balanced, then again I would quote that to be an artist is not easy, your painting should be like a language that would give a massage. Art heals people art express feeling; art brings peace to human mind and soul. It’s not just paint and brushes. It’s all about life, love, sadness, joy and all the other beautiful things that make life more meaningful.



Ekaterina Anishchenko
Child Education Specialist

Little fingers art studio in Sri Lanka carries with them the trademark of a child’s very foundation. They say that children at early age develop their mind more vigorously than grownup adults, and that identical foundation of effort will be the creator of a person when he/she grow up, I have learned a lot about developing early childhood education for the past few years, it’s a vast subject that takes decades to master.

When I first heard about fingers in Sri Lanka, I was inspired by the work they carry out with international projects. With my involvement for the projects in china, I have personally enjoyed living up to their vision, For the little time I have spent, the children were drawing their ideas of love, friendship, family, pet’s rainbows, and butterflies. They should maintain that passion for creativeness in them, we as adults can’t make it fade away with age. That’s why the work with fingers inspired me a lot; this idea is still at the heart of my heart and at the centre of my world.

It’s far more easy to prevent a disease then to cure it when you get it, the world need love, it needs creativity and it needs individuals that will listen to each other , learn from one another, and most of all trust each other.

"If the UN is trying to cure a disease, Little fingers are trying to prevent one." What a wonderful thought;
I throw my hearts out to Little fingers; they might spark the wold one day.




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